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PEM® SMTSO-3.6-8ET 3.6 X 8 SMT Spacer (Reel of 375)


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PEM® SMTSO-3.6-8ET 3.6 X 8 SMT Spacer (Reel of 375)

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ReelFast® surface mount fasteners mount on PC boards in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated solder reflow process. The fasteners simply become another board component.

This alleviates concerns about potential damage to PC boards due to improper secondary installation operations. The fasteners are provided on tape and reel compatible with existing SMT automated installation equipment.

Packaged on 330mm recyclable reels.

Tape width is 24mm.

Supplied with polyimide patch for vacuum pick up.

Reel conforms to EIA-481.

Benefits of ReelFast®

  • Faster assembly
  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduced handling
  • Reduced risk of board damage

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer PEM
Part Number SMTSO-3.6-8ET
Material Carbon Steel
Finish Electro Plated, Bright Tin
Thread Unthreaded
Length 8mm
Parts Per Reel 375
Pitch 16mm
Hole Size 5.41mm
Hole Tolerance -0.0mm / +0.08mm
MIN Solder Pad Ø 7.77mm