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POP-Avdel SKK3035PT Double Csk Rivet (Bag of 100)

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POP-Avdel® SKK3035PT

POP-Avdel® 3.0 Pull-Thru SKK Series Rivets.

Ideal where clearance is limited and a flush set is required on both sides of the application. The Pull-Thru (PT) rivet is a steel countersunk blind fastener designed to set surface flush on both sides of an application..

Features & Benefits

  • Flush-setting on both sides for double countersunk materials
  • Insertion can be reversed, improving rivet tool access
  • Unique "Pull-Thru" mandrel means no mandrel heads remain anywhere in the application
  • Consistent clamp force

The Pull-Thru rivet is best used in the assembly of any product where clearance is extremely limited and protrusion of the rivet body from the application surface must be either minimized or eliminated. As the PT rivet sets, the mandrel head remains integral with the mandrel, assuring no loose mandrel heads in the assembled product. These features and benefits make the PT rivet unique in the marketplace.

Pull-Thru rivets are widely used in the electronics industry where space is at a premium but also lend themselves to many low-clearance industrial applications as well.

Image is representative of range. Mandrel colour indicates grip size.

More Information
Manufacturer POP-Avdel
Part Number SKK3035PT
Range Pull-Thru SKK Series
Diameter Ø 3.0mm
Head Style Countersunk 120°
Body Material Steel C1006-C1010 Zinc Plated
Stem Material Steel Protective Coating
Grip Range (mm) 2.5 - 3.0