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Lyn-Tron is a world class manufacturer of precision mechanical electronic hardware.

As a leading manufacturer of standoffs, spacers, and other types of electronic hardware, Lyn-Tron’s name has become synonymous with quality products.

They offer a massive range of sizes, materials and finishes across all their ranges; all precision manufactured in the USA.

Appian Fasteners are authorised European distributors of Lyn-Tron Inc.

Lyn-Tron NAS Hardware

MS Precision Shoulder Screws

Lyn-Tron NAS Hardware

NAS Hardware

Lyn-Tron Spacers


Lyn-Tron Swage Spacers

Swage Spacers

Lyn-Tron Swage Standoffs

Swage Standoffs

Lyn-Tron Female-Female Standoffs

Female-Female Standoffs

Lyn-Tron Chassis Fasteners

Chassis Fasteners

Lyn-Tron Male-Female Standoffs

Male-Female Standoffs

Lyn-Tron Male-Male Standoffs

Male-Male Standoffs

Lyn-Tron Ball Studs

Ball Studs

Lyn-Tron Super-Torq Standoffs

Super-Torq Standoffs

Lyn-Tron Captive Panel Screws

Captive Panel Screws

Lyn-Tron Captive Panel Retainers

Captive Panel Retainers

Lyn-Tron Precision Shoulder Screws

Precision Shoulder Screws

Lyn-Tron Thumb Screws and Nuts

Thumb Screws & Nuts

Lyn-Tron Handles


Lyn-Tron Handle Ferrules

Handle Ferrules

Lyn-Tron Connector Hardware

Connector Hardware