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Avdel has been a preferred supplier of innovative engineered fastening solutions for over 75 years.

They have been at the forefront of new product development to meet new market requirements during which time fasteners such as Versa-Nut® threaded inserts, Maxlok® lockbolts, Rivscrew® PL, Klamp-Tite®, Bulbex®, and Avinox® rivets have all been developed as fastening solutions for the changing market.

Appian Fasteners are authorised distributors for Avdel and we hold a large stock of the most popular Avdel products.

Avdel Breakstem Fasteners

Breakstem Fasteners

Avex®, Stavex®, Avibulb®, Avinox®, Bulbex®, T-Lok®, Avdelmate® Klamp-Tite®, Avibulb® XT, Avinox® XT, Hemlok®, Monobolt®, Interlock®, Q Rivet, Klamp-Tite® Structural

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Avdel Threaded Inserts

Threaded Inserts

Eurosert®, Thin Sheet Nutsert®, DK/DL, Euro Hexsert®/Hexsert®, Squaresert®, Versa-Nut®

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Avdel Lockbolts


Avbolt®, Avdelok®, Infalok®, Maxlok®, Avtainer®

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Avdel Speed Fasteners

Speed Fasteners

Neo Speed®, Briv®, Chobert®, Double Flush Chobert®, Grovit®, Rivscrew®, Rivscrew® PL, Avtronic®, Avert®, Avlug®

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Avdel Self Piercing Rivets

Self Piercing Rivets

Fastriv, Fastriv in Tape

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Avdel Sealing Plugs

Sealing Plugs

Avdelseal® II

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Avdel Tools

Installation Equipment

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